Home HTC Vive ‘Walkabout Mini Golf VR’ Review: Simple & Addictive Virtual Reality Putt-Putt

‘Walkabout Mini Golf VR’ Review: Simple & Addictive Virtual Reality Putt-Putt

‘Walkabout Mini Golf VR’ Review: Simple & Addictive Virtual Reality Putt-Putt

Now that’s what I call online mini-golf.

Readily available now on Oculus Rift/Rift S and also Oculus Quest for $14.99, Mighty Coconut’s Walkabout Mini Golf Virtual Reality offers an unique Virtual Reality putt-putt experience full with a wide range of uniquely crafted training courses, tight putting controls, 5-player multiplayer functionality, and a lot of concealed collectibles to find.

With over 70 distinct openings to overcome, this arcade experience features no shortage of physics-based minigolf content to delight in. Whether you’re a hardcore putt-putt fanatic or just looking for a soothing sporting activities experience, Walkabout Mini Golf VR functions a something for everybody.

THE ENVIRONMENTS Walkabout Mini Golf VR functions 4 18-hole training courses in which to complete, each centered around a different theme/environment. There’s Tourist Trap, a sun-baked beachside heaven complete with a shipwreck and torch-lit cavern; Cherry Blossom, a Japanese-inspired retreat featuring lovely cherry bloom trees as well as Koi ponds; Seagull Stacks, a cliffside sanctuary littered with ancient design; and Arizona Modern, a midwestern locale bordered by huge canyons as well as towering cacti.

Whereas Pro Putt by Topgolf, an additional Virtual Reality placing experience, strives to provide one of the most practical putting simulation available on headsets, Walkabout Mini Golf VR focuses more on the courses themselves, much like a real mini golf array. Each area includes its fair share of ramps, tunnels, and also different other special barriers to get over. Once unlocked, each place can be played at evening, supplying substantial replayability.

THE GAMEPLAY Putting in Walkabout Mini Golf Virtual Reality really feels unbelievably limited. While the interactivity itself is rather simple (you can teleport throughout the map, grab covert antiques, and also break straight to your round), impressive physics-based gameplay supplies a practical putting experience that’s as aggravating as it is satisfying. Unlike Pro Putt by Topgolf, nonetheless, Walkabout Mini Golf Virtual Reality functions little in the means of help or assistance.

Apart from a basic tutorial, you’re basically by yourself when it concerns figuring out the very best angles and routes to consider each opening. While Walkabout Mini Golf VR might feature more interesting atmospheres as well as barriers, Pro Putt by Topgolf is perhaps the much better choice for those looking to boost their real-world placing skills.

THE COLLECTIBLES Scattered throughout every single opening is a special golf ball simply waiting to be collected. That’s over 70 spheres to discover and also gather. While I discovered the collectible golf balls to be a total forgettable addition in the beginning, I promptly discovered myself browsing low as well as high for every single hidden sphere throughout my initial playthrough. There’s simply something tremendously satisfying about sinking an Eagle and also gratifying myself with a brand-new sphere. My individual favorite is the old-school Jolly Roger.

That being stated you’ll require to keep your eyes open if you wish to accumulate each and every one. While the concealing spots are relatively noticeable at first, the search ends up being progressively difficult as you advance further into the video game; or maybe I’m just terrible at hide-and-seek, who knows.

Developed by Lucas Martell and also released by Might Coconut, Walkabout Mini Golf Virtual Reality is available now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift/Rift S for $14.99 with support for cross-buy. Prepare for an official SteamVR release are presently in the jobs.

In the future, I ‘d enjoy to see the enhancement of brand-new training courses and also locations; possibly even a dedicated level designer comparable to the one included in Cloudlands 2.

* This review was carried out utilizing the Oculus Quest *

Image Credit: Mighty Coconut