Home Coatsink VR Mil-Sim ‘Onward’ Oculus Quest Release Date Announced, Cross-Play Confirmed

VR Mil-Sim ‘Onward’ Oculus Quest Release Date Announced, Cross-Play Confirmed

VR Mil-Sim ‘Onward’ Oculus Quest Release Date Announced, Cross-Play Confirmed

Check out the brand new trailer for this highly-anticipated standalone port.

A little more than a year after the first news, designer Downpour Interactive and also publisher Coatsink today exposed a main July 30th launch day for Onward on Oculus Quest. Standalone gamers will certainly quickly have the possibility to team-up with COMPUTER VR players on high-stakes objectives where correct sychronisation and also preparation can suggest the difference between life and death.

“I’m extremely thrilled for Onward to find to the Oculus Quest: to have players be influenced by the flexibility of the platform while at the very same time experiencing the realistic look and immersion that Onward gives the table,” said Dante Buckley, Founder of Downpour Interactive. “And I believe I speak for my entire team when I state we’re thrilled to see our players get their hands on the video game after almost a year of growth.”

Much like the existing Oculus Rift as well as SteamVR system variation, the standalone port will include both participating and single-player video game settings, each of which featuring their very own special purposes. Search, for example, tasks you with finding and also removing all AI adversaries on the map. Evac, on the other hand, has you protecting your placement versus waves of enemies as you await your extraction.

Certainly it would not be Onward without the hardcore online multiplayer. Approximately 10 gamers duke it out as they look for to finish among 3 objectives. 1.) Gain control of an Uplink station. 2.) Escort a VIP to safety and security, or safeguard an assigned place. 3.) Post a code from their tablet.

Before hopping into fight, you can acquaint yourself with the substantial option of sensible weapons available in the shooting array. Below you can get unrestricted hand-on time with weapons such as the AUG, M16, M1014, P90, M249 light machine gun, AKS74U, Makarov, and also RPG launcher.

Onward releases July 30th on the Oculus Quest Store for $24.99. To learn more visit downpourinteractive.com. Image Credit: Downpour Interactive, Coatsink