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Virtual Reality Escape Room ‘Survival’ Simulates Being Stranded On A Deserted Island

Virtual Reality Escape Room ‘Survival’ Simulates Being Stranded On A Deserted Island

Explore the beach, find your buddies, and make it through the elements in this location-based Virtual Reality

experience. VR escape area designer ARVI VR Inc. today announced a new enhancement to its line-up of family-friendly immersive experiences, Survival, a tropical themed VR adventure in which players explore an unoccupied island situated somewhere across the Pacific Ocean. It exists gamers will certainly be tasked with enduring the aspects while finishing a collection of objectives in an effort to leave their tropical purgatory.

” The game is a fantastic means to avoid it all as well as spend an awesome time with pals, “claimed Michael Dementii, CEO of ARVI Virtual Reality. “Not just will gamers have the ability to enjoy the elegance of an exotic island, but they additionally obtain a possibility to test their abilities in the duty of an aircraft accident survivor. A brand-new remarkable adventure for the entire family is ensured.”

The experience starts with you and your buddies flying aboard an exclusive jet as you make your means to the getaway to end all vacations. Along the way, nevertheless, your aircraft is struck by illumination and you quickly discover yourself frantically paddling in the direction of the warm coasts of a mystical exotic island.

Though the game is being advertised as a multiplayer experience similar to past ARVI VR Inc. releases (Jungle Quest, Mission Sigma, Sanctum), it appears as though gamers will certainly begin the journey on their own and will require to go across the island in order to locate their teammates. The main release suggests a focus on exploration and problems, similar to real-world retreat rooms; you’ll need to locate products and seek sanctuary from the weather condition if you intend to make it through enough time for the search group to find you.

ARVI VR Inc. mentions that Survival will be offered at over 150 location-based Virtual Reality locations as well as galleries worldwide, though it’s uncertain how the recurring COVID-19 episode will impact its release.

Image Credit: ARVI VR Inc.