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Upcoming Virtual Reality Parkour Game STRIDE Looks A Lot Like Mirror’s Edge

Upcoming Virtual Reality Parkour Game STRIDE Looks A Lot Like Mirror’s Edge

The freerunning-inspired VR platformer arrives on headsets Summer 2020.

STRIDE is an upcoming VR parkour action video game from programmer JoyWay in which players have to conserve a city under quarantine from a ferocious gang war. In order to save its citizens players will certainly embark on a harmful goal filled with high-flying stunts, extreme gunfights blended with hand-to-hand fight, as well as a lot of slow motion.

Players start in city-state X 15 years after a catastrophic environmental calamity left the when marvelous city cutoff from the outdoors. As supplies decrease as well as poverty spreads, citizens now discover themselves captured in the center of a war as rival gangs fight for what bit that remains. Lengthy story short the city remains in desperate need of a hero.

Tasked with removing these looting gangs of black-clad baddies, players will certainly browse the several roofs of city-state X trying to find adversaries making use of parkour. This consists of vertigo-inducing dives, high-flying zip lines, accuracy wall jumps, fast-paced safes, and a range of various other freerunning passionate methods. According to JoyWay, grasping your environment will certainly be crucial when engaging in combat, as gamers will often be considerably outnumbered. Based on the video footage gave it looks like though gamers will certainly be able to defend themselves making use of twin guns as well as hand-to-hand fight.

While the programmer doesn’t make any kind of main referrals in any one of the descriptions, its apparent STRIDE takes heavy inspiration from the 2008 first-person action-adventure platformer Mirror’s Edge, a minimum of in terms of visuals. In addition to movement mechanics, city-state X is nearly the same to that of the City of Glass featured in Mirrors Edge.

STRIDE also assists players by marking specific climbable objects the color red, exactly just how ME aided lead its gamers throughout each degree. While the similarities are a little bit outright, it’s nice to see even more Virtual Reality video games begin to take advantage of the physical capabilities managed by modern immersive innovation.

For those stressed over motion sickness, JoyWay claims that while players might really feel some minor agitation initially, the experience ends up being significantly more comfortable once the controls have been understood.

STRIDE launches on significant COMPUTER Virtual Reality headsets later on this summer season; that is unless EA’s legal team has anything to say regarding it.

Photo Credit: JoyWay