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Use Your Enemies For Ammo In Good Goliath, Coming To Major Virtual Reality Headsets Spring 2020 888011000 110888 Take on enormous giants throughout various cartoon-style levels in this amusing VR beat-em-up. Indie game programmer Knock Twice Games today introduced its brand new arcade-action game, Good Goliath, a tower-defense-style VR beat-em-up that will have gamers tackling the function of a storybook titan on the getting end of an all-out attack lead by hordes of colossal employers and small invaders. Throughout the 12-level project, players will go head-to-head against wave after wave of mini invaders, using every little thing from opponents to the setting itself to repel strikes. Split right into several unique biomes, consisting of Medieval, Pirate, and also Hell World, players will utilize anything they can get hold of as a weapon, from pitchforks as well as barrels to wagon wheels and cannonballs. Each degree will certainly feature its very own one-of-a-kind collection of difficulties, enemies, and also special goals to complete, along with a handful of secret levels as well as concealed treasures that can be used to personalize the experience. [embed ded content] As previously mentioned, enemies themselves can be used as ammo. Whenever any one of these little ankle-biters ventures as well close, you can in fact nab them up off the ground or in the center of the air as well as throw them back at their pals for additional damages. Just be sure to keep your directly a swivel though, as these little assailants will certainly be hucking all different types of projectiles which you’ll require to dodge. (Image Credit: Knock Twice Games) Not all of these small figures will certainly be aggressive. Maintain your eyes open as well as you simply might behold your friendly neighborhood baker carrying life-saving confectionaries. Along with these smaller opponents, gamers can expect to fight with a number of mini-bosses as well, including a magical pyromaniac as well as boulder-tossing titan, as well as enormous final employers, like a twelve-story Kraken as well as a monstrous evil king. Beat every one of your enemies while preventing adequate damage and you’ll open the sought after gold trophy. (Image Credit: Knock Twice Games)”With wave-based tower defense gameplay where players are the tower, catch and also evade pitchforks, barrels, and other tools as they are launched also get hold of a few of those tiny villagers out of the air as they launch themselves and also use them to knock out their close friends!,”mentions the business in an official release.”Battle militaries of teeny foes, awesome mini-bosses, and also colossal monsters as you play this arcade-action experience. From castle mountain tops, shark-infested pirate islands as well as scary caves, release the effective excitement of being large in Good Goliath.”Good Goliath launches on PSVR, oculus, and steamvr laterthis Spring. No word yet on a main rate. Function Image Credit: Knock Twice Games

Take on enormous giants across countless cartoon-style levels in this humorous VR beat-em-up. Indie game programmer Knock Twice Games today revealed its new arcade-action video game, Good Goliath, a tower-defense-style Virtual Reality beat-em-up that will have players handling the duty of a storybook titan on the obtaining end of a full-blown attack lead by crowds...