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See The Micro World Of Bugs Brought To Life In VR, Narrated By Natural History Legend David Attenborough

See The Micro World Of Bugs Brought To Life In VR, Narrated By Natural History Legend David Attenborough

Alchemy Immersive, the Emmy Award-Winning workshop behind many of Attenborough’s greatest hits, as well as Oculus partner to expose a never-before-seen sight of our planets insects.

For the first time, Oculus customers will certainly be able to experience live-action Virtual Reality in 8K 3D at 60fps as they uncover a covert world with Natural History Legend, David Attenborough. In a continuation of his landmark manufacturing, Micro Monsters, comes this amazing five-part immersive collection that guarantees to reveal the real-life superpowers of arthropods, from an entirely special point of view.

Over 5 episodes, experience the disputes, courtships, and also neighborhoods of this micro world. Witness a scorpion and also a centipede fight to the death; experience the process of an aphid unbelievely cloning itself; and an army of green ants developing unbelievable structures. Directly stay clear of the deadly ambush of a Trapdoor crawler and become transfixed by the Portia crawler’s deadly musical lullaby. Integrating incredible live-action close-ups with the power of computer system graphics, enjoy a caterpillar’s change from inside its cocoon as well as find a beetle’s secret chemical weapon.

“Micro Monsters leaders the future generation of immersive storytelling,” said Eric Cheng, Head of Immersive Media, Oculus From Facebook. “The series’ mix of amazing narratives, best-in-class 3D quality and spatial noise, sets a new top quality bar for immersive-video experiences in VR. It’s tough to explain the feeling one obtains when they are shrunk down to the size of a beetle, confronting the prospect of ending up being a meal for a gigantic hoping mantis!”

“We are pleased that Micro Monsters’ exciting tales have actually been prolonged and also changed right into the immersive area,” added Anthony Geffen– CEO, Atlantic Productions. “Working in collaboration with Alchemy and also Oculus, this series will remain to amuse worldwide target markets as it enlightens them about these one-of-a-kind animals as well as their seldom seen worlds.”

Produced making use of a mix of specifically created 3D stereoscopic electronic camera rigs, 180 ° live-action capture, as well as freshly developed VFX compositing strategies, Micro Monsters showcases the most effective in immersive media production pipelines. Every information of nature is disclosed in magnificent clearness. For example, the beat of a butterfly wing, via the unbelievably high frame rate (60fps) raised with spatial audio style. This cutting edge storytelling is provided to users many thanks to high resolution streaming and caching support on Oculus TELEVISION, allowing users to appreciate the fish stories of Micro Monsters at 8K resolution on the most up to date Quest headsets.

“We’re so excited to share this breathtaking and also education-enriching experience that demonstrates truth capacity of live-action Virtual Reality,” stated Elliot Graves, Director, Alchemy Immersive. “The genuine feeling of presence you’ll feel inside these micro-worlds couldn’t be achieved through any kind of other story-telling medium.”

Micro Monsters with David Attenborough is an Alchemy Immersive production, co-produced by Oculus From Facebook as well as produced by Atlantic Productions’ immersive department Alchemy Immersive in collaboration with ZOO VFX as well as 1.618 Digital (for totally immersive audio). The experience will certainly be offered via Oculus TV in 8K on Oculus Quest 2, as well as in 5K on Quest.

These real-life superpowers need to be seen to be thought. Episodes are exclusively offered on Oculus TELEVISION in Oculus Quest headsets on the 6th of October.

Image Credit: Alchemy Immersive (Atlantic Productions), Facebook