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REPORT: New ‘Resident Evil Village’ Leaks Reveal Virtual Reality Support, Additional Game Details

REPORT: New ‘Resident Evil Village’ Leaks Reveal Virtual Reality Support, Additional Game Details

Leaks from a recent Ambassador playtest inform us even more about the enemies, tools, and managers of Resident Evil Village.

This previous April Japanese video game news magazine Gematsu released a record claiming the follow-up to 2017’s Resident Evil 7 will include a return to the first-person point of view, with gamers once again taking on the duty of Ethan Winters, pointing out “one source familiar with ongoings at Capcom.”

An official expose trailer published back in June verified these records, supplying us our first check out Resident Evil Village at work. Gematsu’s source additionally claimed that the game will feature assistance for PlayStation Virtual Reality, though Sony has up until now stayed tight-lipped pertaining to possible VR compatibility.

Earlier this week Biohazard Declassified, a computer game information site dedicated totally to Resident Evil and survival horror pc gaming, posted new information concerning the game which were supposedly given by a trusted source who recently went hands-on with a very early variation of the game as component of a Resident Evil Ambassador playtest.

In the record, this resource asserts that a Virtual Reality version of Village is prepared, they’re simply waiting on Sony to make the statement:”… they stated a Virtual Reality variation of Resident Evil Village will certainly happen, however they will not make that announcement till Sony is ready.”The leak additionally information a number of various opponent kinds, various short-term melee tools, returning personalities from the franchise, and also countless various other features and also improvements. You can take a look at the full failure below, though I would certainly take every little thing you read with a grain of salt.


The adversaries within these locations are extremely pale, virtually rotten skin, with tattoos on their hands and temples. Some with armor, yet not such as knight shield, that can likewise be shot off. They just mention “normal” opponent key ins this test, not of the “monster” like animals we ‘d spoke on, and that was shown in the trailer.

They do speak in a

distorted foreign language. Some lugged blades, swords, axes, and even spears. There are some without armed weapons. They jump as well as get and attack similar to Resident Evil 3, as well as you can button-mash to take less damages. Some opponents will certainly toss you to the ground as opposed to biting. The one with the sword has an unique assault that can immediately behead Ethan. And also according to the resource, you’ll acknowledge the action when you play the game. Playtest Segment Environment This component is rather fascinating since it seems the sector they state being tested appears to differ from the details from the other examinations that appeared even more like Ethan was in the town itself leading up to the castle, whereas this info takes place directly within. The majority of rooms werecouple of yet bright

bedrooms were dark. The section was someplace within the castle on a greater level and you needed to find a key to open up a large door downstairs. Boss Fight So right here’s where that info obtains actually fascinating as the insurance claim explains of a boss fight you enter the playtests. Now, this does line pretty near to see we know of the initial”witch”we mentioned from the other tests that can liquify right into insects and also chases after Ethan and has an unique laugh. They also give a name to the “Witch” and also refer to her as Olga. Once unlocking the lady in black called Olga launched a throng and also appeared of pests. The gamer will not need to battle the pests unless she detects Ethan. She would laugh regularly whenever she finds him. In this employer battle, gamers ordered a lantern to make use of fire to terrify her pests off to obtain Olga exposed to shoot her. After a bit of capturing, she’ll change into this insect/spider-like animal with long spider legs and launching even more insects coming out from her insect-like base. Her human remains are still there, however naked as well as covered with black goo. After the loss, she melted and some parts of skeletons covered in the goo continued to be and she dropped a product. She Launched all of her insects, to which the gamer will discover and kill them to stop them from striking you in certain spaces. Afterwards, the demonstration finished.


The playtest included a handgun(most likely the same one displayed in the programmer sneak peek), a shotgun (perhaps obtained from the old male in the trailer), as well as a solid blade. It additionally appears the player can acquire temporary melee tools like an axe that can be broken short with a few hits.

Inventory According to our resource, the supply display had not been the same as the Special Message video clip, but similar(Resident Evil4 idea with Resident Evil 7 UI layout). The game stopped when seeing the stock like Resident Evil 2 as well as 3 remakes. During the testing, there also wasn’t money included as well as the opponents didn’t drop things. Instead, vases and also crates were breakable to locate products.

Strange Old Woman

The old woman in bathrobes that can be seen from the Resident Evil 8: Village expose trailer was likewise stated by our resource as being nearly a merchant-like personality in the game. As for our resource recognizes, she is not an enemy, but as our resource described, “has numerous goods to market and rumors to share”. They also talked briefly on seeing some concept art however didn’t talk a lot on it.

Misc. Citizen Evil Village Playtest Information

It seems throughout the playtest numerous points were still getting changed around which matches reports from those like AestheticGamer also known as Dusk Golem that claim the game is still a work in progress with placeholders being made use of as the adversaries had their dialogues added while Olga really did not have her sound included throughout the boss fight but the chuckling and shrieking, and players were informed that those weren’t her real VA lines and also are simply placeholders.

After the test, individuals filled in a survey and had a noticing session on their thoughts on Resident Evil Village adhered to by drinks. The size of the playtest seemed to appear around 30 testers as well as minutes were enabled at the very least two runs and it was played on Playstation 4 Pros.

Interestingly they additionally mentioned manufacturer Peter Fabiano being in attendance at a certain examination as he was reported as speaking about adding a new problem to triple the variety of opponents in some locations saying, “let’s call this difficulty “Unfair” “. Though our resource claims he had not been sure how major Peter was in fact being and this component we’re unsure of how true it is.

An additional small case was that the songs beginning at 1:30 is the music that plays during the encounter with the large adversary seen jumping off the roof covering in the Resident Evil 8: Village expose trailer.

They likewise said to anticipate a brand-new trailer in August with the new info from Capcom. According to them, the tale will come to be extra clear, an additional returning character will be exposed, as well as there will certainly be “another twist”.

Finally, they claimed a Virtual Reality variation of Resident Evil 8: Village will certainly take place, but they will not make that announcement until Sony is ready.