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‘Ready Player One’ Book Sequel ‘Ready Player 2’ Arrives This November

‘Ready Player One’ Book Sequel ‘Ready Player 2’ Arrives This November

Ernest Cline returns with a follow-up to his 2011 sci-fi cult fave.

Exciting new for all you Ready Player fans. Penguin Random House imprint Ballantine Books today validated that a follow-up to Ernest Cline’s breakout hit Ready Player One will certainly be showing up on store racks this November.

Available for pre-order via Amazon, both hardcover and also Kindle, Ready Player Two will act as a direct follow up to the initial 2011 novel, returning players to the OASIS, a massively-multiplayer online cosmos made use of by those all over the world as a getaway from their stark truths. Famine, mass hardship, those type of things.

Set during the year 2045, the original publication had you following the experiences of Wade Watts and his faithful band of misfits as they competed against the clock to situate a surprise easter egg left by the late James Halliday– dazzling recluse as well as creator of the OASIS– therefore providing single control over the online globe and his substantial $500 billion lot of money.

Guide invested 100 weeks on the New York Times’ legendary bestsellers listing. In 2018, Warner Bros. and also Steven Spielberg launched an official film adaptation that took place to make an outstanding $582.8 million. According to Cline, Ready Player Two will be a direct follow up to the book in contrast to the film.

Ready Player Two arrives on shop shelves November 25th. Currently we know extremely little in relation to the story. If you look carefully at the cover, however, you’ll spot a referral to the classic 1982 Activision video game Pitfall!. Ready Player One featured recommendations to countless Atari 2600 titles, such as Adventure and also SwordQuest simply among others; I wouldn’t be shocked if timeless video gaming once again winds up playing an indispensable function in the story.

Picture Credit: Penguin Random House