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No Man’s Sky Mech Suits Are Playable In VR

No Man’s Sky Mech Suits Are Playable In VR

Today’s upgrade presents a brand new automobile to

the game; the Exo Mech. VR is in desperate need of even more high quality mech games. Previous releases such as VOX MACHINAE and also Archangel: Hellfire have shown just how well Virtual Reality modern technology collaborates with the preferred anime as well as computer game category, enabling gamers to take control of enormous mechanical titans utilizing their own to 2 hands.

The good news is, a brand-new cost-free update to No Man’s Sky has introduced a brand new automobile to the constantly-expanding cosmos: the Exo Mech.

This previous August developer Hello Games released No Man’s Sky: Beyond, an enormous complimentary update that presented, to name a few points, full VR support to No Man’s Sky. This includes dealing damages by literally punching items and adversaries, operating starships using a practical flight stick/throttle control system, and– certainly– piloting mechs.

Much like the other exocrafts included in No Man’s Sky, the “Minotaur”– as it’s described in-game– features an integrated jetpack as well as is capable of shielding gamers from various environmental hazards, such as radiation, extreme temperature levels, as well as aggressive lifeforms simply to name a few. The Minotaur is distinct, nevertheless, as it allows gamers to utilize their mining laser while inside the cockpit.

While this mech might not be as facility or harmful as several of the various other piloted robotics included in existing VR games, anyone who’s had the enjoyment of piloting the No Man’s Sky starship in Virtual Reality will tell you simply exactly how pleasing the experience is.

The Minotaur is offered currently on SteamVR and also PSVR headsets along with a handful of renovations and also repairs as component of the cost-free upgrade.

Picture Credit: Hello Games