Home In Death Medieval VR Rogue-Lite ‘In Death: Unchained’ Announced For Oculus Quest

Medieval VR Rogue-Lite ‘In Death: Unchained’ Announced For Oculus Quest

Medieval VR Rogue-Lite ‘In Death: Unchained’ Announced For Oculus Quest

Battle waves of abandoned spirits throughout the procedurally produced degrees of paradise and also hell.

Launched back in 2018 for SteamVR headsets, Sólfar Studios’ VR rogue-lite shooter In Death made a shock look during the other day’s UploadVR Summer Showcase in the kind of In Death: Unchained. For those unfamiliar with the highly-addicting dream fight game, In Death has you fighting limitless waves of forsaken spirits, fallen angels, and scary satanic forces in high-stakes ranged combat across a series of fantastical environments. Procedurally produced map layouts add a tremendous amount of replayability to the experience, as do the in-game modifiers, unique capacities, bow upgrades, and randomized adversary and also loot generates.

Brought to us by acclaimed innovative modern technology studio Superbright, In Death: Afterlife uses an improved version of the 2018 original, including new web content and added gameplay enhancements created to take much better advantage of the freedom-of-movement paid for by the untethered Oculus Quest.

Whether you’re drizzling down a sea of arrows on waves of relentless satanic forces, using your shield to block both varied and also melee strikes, or weaving and evading around opponent arrowheads, In Death keeps you constantly on your toes thanks to vibrant game balancing that instantly adjusts to match your individual ability level. Gamers will certainly have accessibility to a selection of mobility choices as they navigate throughout the afterlife, including one-handed teleportation, conventional cost-free movement, and special arrow-based teleportation. Along the way you’ll find covert loot which can e used to update your bow with other modifiers and special abilities.

Personally, I’m thrilled to see this one-of-a-kind title make it’s method to an all new target market on Oculus Quest. The procedurally produced levels and also randomized opponent and also loots spawns maintain the game sensation fresh also after hours of play, and also the finely-tuned ranged fight uses several of the most gratifying Virtual Reality archery mechanics currently available in-headset. No question the unethered capacities of the Oculus Quest will just surpass the existing experience, permitting us to evade, duck, dip, dive, and also dodge with no resistance.

In Death: Unchained (oh my god, I simply obtained it) launches in July specifically on Oculus Quest.

Photo Credit: Superbright