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Let’s Talk About The Earth-Shattering Finale Of Half-Life: Alyx

Let’s Talk About The Earth-Shattering Finale Of Half-Life: Alyx

Warning: major Half-Life: Alyx looters ahead.

Every so often you discover a game you just can not stress but assist over. Just 20 mins into Half-Life: Alyx and also I might tell Valve’s ambitious prequel/sequel crossbreed is one of these video games. Not only does Alyx provide among the most natural and detailed immersive experiences I’ve ever had in a Virtual Reality headset, however it likewise provides some long-awaited updates to the story of Half-Life.

For those that don’t remember– it’s been 13 years nevertheless– Half-Life 2: Episode 2 finished with Dr. Vance having his mind sucked out by an unusual as Alyx and Gordon see helplessly. Half-Life: Alyx happens five years prior to his heartbreaking fatality. The game revolves around Alyx getting into a mystical Combine framework which Dr. Vance and Russel think might hold a fatal super-weapon. At some point it is discovered that the drifting monolith is actually a jail containing a survivor of the Black Mesa case. Alyx, Dr. Vance, and also Russel think this person to be Gordon Freeman, though it is ultimately disclosed to be the strange G-Man.

(Image Credit: Valve Corp. )As a many thanks for her initiatives in releasing him, the G-Man shows Alyx the future fatality of her father and also uses her the possibility to conserve him. She does, unwittingly replacing Gordon as the G-Man’s hire and also entering his employment. The game finishes below, though if you remain until after the credit reports you’ll discover another interactive scene where you really enter the shoes of THE Gordon Freeman.

Leaping forward in time, players now discover themselves in an alternating timeline in which Dr. Vance is still alive. Angry over the loss of his daughter through the G-Man, Dr. Vance guarantees to kill the strange entity. Then, Dog flies in bring your trademark crowbar; the final touch in a currently perfect final series.

(Image Credit: Valve Corp. )But what exactly does this ending mean for the future of Half-Life? While Valve has already confirmed Half-Life: Alyx notes the beginning of brand-new Half-Life material, the company has continued to be tight-lipped in regards to whether or not they’ll continue past the occasions of Episode 2. The end of Alyx, nevertheless, suggests precisely that. Dr. Vance, back from the dead as well as incredibly pissed off, wants Gordon’s help in removing the G-Man, which need to no doubt cause a whole mess of inter-dimensional dramatization.

Possibly by switching over to this alternating timeline, Valve believes it can continue the story of Gordon Freeman without needing to meet the wild expectations created throughout the franchises thirteen year lack. I imply hey, it helped Star Trek. (Image Credit: Valve Corp.) The much better question is whether or not the following Half-Life game will likewise be in VR? While it’s difficult to say without a doubt, the chances are definitely in our favor. Half-Life: Alyx is just the initial of three VR titles in growth at Valve. Not just that, but the firm has been continually selling-out of its Valve Index headsets for the previous few months, marking a staunch demand for PC Virtual Reality headsets. After playing Alyx, it’s hard to visualize the series ever returning to the standard 2D style. Once you’ve efficiently safeguarded yourself from a head crab using a filthy container, there’s simply no going back.

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Attribute Image Credit: Valve Corp.