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J-Pop Superstar Hatsune Miku Is Getting Her Own VR Theme Park

J-Pop Superstar Hatsune Miku Is Getting Her Own VR Theme Park

The j-pop hologram feeling Hatsune Miku is getting her very own Virtual Reality theme park called MIKU LAND GATE β thanks to a joint undertaking in between Virtual Cast, Inc and also Gugenka ®. This August, fans of the virtual entertainer can jump into a digital theme park where they can attend an opening/closing ceremony, connect as well as talk with other visitors, and also acquisition unique Hatsune Miku merchandise, including a life-sized Hatsune Miku digital figure as well as online apparel for their in-game characters.

Admission to MIKU LAND GATE β is open and complimentary to followers and non-fans all over the world. This can be the ideal chance for you to encourage your friends to see what your Moe anthropomorphism fandom is everything about, as well as also look into Virtual Reality. With Hatsune Miku performance tickets balancing around $100 and also the continuous coronavirus pandemic requiring the cancelation of huge public events, producing a Virtual Reality theme park is the best method to offer fans a chance to meet others as well as enjoy their favored star execute securely from the comfort of their residences.

Takura Shoji Architects, a top-notch building style office based out of Japan, are the designers behind MIKU LAND GATE β, using BIM(Building details modeling) information to develop a globe where Virtual Reality and real-world frameworks link.

For those not familiar with Hatsune Miku, the teenage electronic diva was originally developed as a Vocaloid software program voicebank which allowed individuals to generate artificial vocals through keyed in verses. Since then the fictional singer has actually developed right into a social icon, selling out arenas across the globe thanks to a large international fanbase.

Back in 2014, Miku made her U.S. network tv debut on the David Letterman and opened for pop icon Lady Gaga throughout a 2014 scenic tour, with Gaga herself tweeting,” My favored digital pop star Hatsune Miku is opening The ARTPOP Ball from May 6-June 3! Take a look at exactly how adorable she is!” Hatsune Miku is authorized to the document tag Karent and also has over 4,000 tracks readily available for industrial use. Fans of Hatsune Miku can delve into MIKU LAND GATE β via Virtual Cast(readily available on Steam )or through the mobile phone application Holomodels(readily available on iOS/Android).

MIKU LAND GATE β kicks-off August 8th– 10th and also is open to the public 100%free-of-charge. Picture Credit: Crypton Future Media, Gugenka