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Is This Our First Look At The Next Oculus Quest Headset?

Is This Our First Look At The Next Oculus Quest Headset?

A brand-new leak exposes the expected follow-up to Facebook’s standalone 6DoF headset.

Earlier today, Twitter individual and also widely known Microsoft leaker WalkingCat shared a picture of what seems a brand-new Oculus Quest headset.

No added details has been provided at his time, you can clearly make out a number of distinctions in between this meant follow-up and also the original Quest headset, the most noteworthy of which being the all-white design. Looking carefully you’ll discover numerous smaller changes too, such as the absence of a mechanical IPD slider, a system utilized to change the range in between the headsets lenses.

It might be possible Oculus is transitioning to automated software-based IPD modification, boosting the headsets overall weight while at the same time enhancing the headsets visuals. This makes sense, as back in May it was reported that Facebook was in development of a new Quest headset 20 % lighter than the original. The USB-C port has additionally been changed from horizontal to vertical, an interesting selection thinking about the vertical-friendly design of the official Oculus cable. Maybe the cable packaged with this new Quest will certainly be obtaining some interest. I certainly wouldn’t mind an extra comfy wire designed specifically for use with Oculus Link.

Other alterations consist of a new headstrap, small adjustments to cam positioning, a somewhat revamped Touch controller, and also what appears to be an all-plastic design, ultimately dumping that unpopular textile product.

Whether this is the Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest 1.5, or Oculus Quest Lite remains to be seen. As previously discussed, this past May records started flowing regarding a small, lighter Quest with an improved headstrap as well as all-plastic style. These descriptors match perfectly with the photo given by WalkingCat, including the updated Touch controllers.

My cash’s on a mid-gen Quest headset comparable to the Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro, using slightly boosted visuals, raised processing power, and also a more comfortable in-headset experience. While I think the all-white layout is an improvement over the original black covering, I ask yourself for how long it would certainly take previously that color adjustments after prolonged use …

Image Credit: WalkingCat