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HP Teases New Virtual Reality Headset Designed In Collaboration With Microsoft & Valve

The firm guarantees “an extra immersive, compatible as well as comfy experience” than the Reverb.

With all the buzz bordering the other day’s launch of Half-Life: Alyx, lots of might have missed HP’s statement pertaining to a mystical brand-new Virtual Reality headset constructed in collaboration with Microsoft and Valve Corporation.

Information is sporadic currently, though HP makes some rather strong cases on its internet site:

“Developed in cooperation with Valve and also Microsoft, the next-gen HP Virtual Reality headset delivers a more immersive, suitable and comfy experience than the previous generation. It’s the brand-new standard in Virtual Reality.”

By “previous generation” the business means its HP Reverb. Released in 2019, the Windows Mixed Reality headset was met with mixed reviews because of multiple reports of faulty hardware. Those with functioning systems, nevertheless, applauded the headsets crystal clear visuals and lightweight design. Directly, I really appreciated my time with the headset, albeit for a few minor problems. Based upon the photos provided, it looks like though this brand-new headset will include a layout similar to that of the$600 Reverb, consisting of two-forward facing cameras along with built-in headphones. Whatever the specs are they need to be impressive, taking into consideration the reality HP is promoting this as “the brand-new standard in Virtual Reality” as well as a “no-compromise VR headset” according to The Verge. (Image Credit: HP)Valve ‘s involvement makes this a specifically intriguing collaboration. This past June the business released its Valve Index for $ 999, perhaps the most powerful consumer-friendly Virtual Reality headset readily available right now. With any luck, this statement is teasing a more cost-efficient option to the Index. With the release of Half-Life: Alyx leaving nearly all stores out of PC Virtual Reality headsets, the Valve

Index consisted of, it’s clear that demand for premium headsets is on the increase. No word on a main release day or cost since yet.

Function Image Credit: HP, Microsoft, Valve Corp.