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Hands-On: HTC Cosmos Elite Offers Big Improvements With Its Elite Faceplate

HTC’s modular headset supplies a terrific VR experience.

Just a couple of weeks earlier, HTC announced a new suite of Cosmos headsets as well as faceplates targeted at supplying VR options to both typical customers as well as businesses. For the highest-quality VR experience, however, possible buyers will wish to take a look at the HTC Cosmos Elite, an HTC Cosmos with a pre-installed Elite faceplate. The Cosmo Elite is compatible with versions 1.0 as well as 2.0 of HTCs base stations as well as the original Vive or Vive Pro controllers. You can likewise make use of a pair of Valve Knuckles controllers. If you purchase the Elite Bundle, you’ll obtain the Cosmos headset with the Elite faceplate, base stations, as well as the Vive Pro controllers. If you already own a Cosmos, you can acquire just the Elite faceplate for$ 200 and also switch it out with the plate that includes the Cosmos. Locate and press the switch located on the within the headset in the direction of the left and get rid of home plate. It could be a little frightening at first as it feels like you’re breaking the headset, but do not worry, you’ll be alright. If you’ve pushed the button correctly, you’ll listen to a standing out audio, that’s just how you’ll understand the Cosmos faceplate is ready to be removed. When you’ve safely popped in the faceplate, the Elite plate will certainly pop in really quickly; you’ll hear a click. I in fact suggest that you place the faceplate on beginning with the ideal side. It appears to click in slightly simpler in this way.

Once the faceplate is secured, you’re all set to start. Due to the fact that you are using outside-in monitoring via the Vive Base Stations, you’ll need to set up your Cosmos Elite through SteamVR, the same way you would certainly a typical HTC Vive Pro. You’ll likewise swap out the Cosmos controllers with the Vive Pro sticks considering that the Cosmos controllers will not deal with the Elite faceplate or SteamVR.

While the Elite faceplate might not look like a lot, do not let its basic appearance fool you. There’s a whole lot taking place there with 32 sensing units constructed into the faceplate, which is the same quantity included on the HTC Vive Pro.

Upon entering Virtual Reality, among the first things you’ll discover is the substantial renovation to tracking. The Cosmos Elite executes dramatically well compared to that of the typical Cosmos headset also in low light environments, which confirmed to be a significant issue for numerous owners of the Cosmos. When I first assessed the HTC Cosmos back in October, I personally really did not experience any type of issues with reduced lighting tracking. I did, nonetheless, experience some drifting when I ‘d bring my hands near the headset. It wasn’t sufficient of a problem that I really considered it a problem, yet I might see why individuals would grumble concerning this. The outside tracking included on the Cosmos Elite faceplate fixes the drifting as well as

low lighting concern. Incorporate this with an 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye resolution, flip-up visor, 90Hz freshen price, 110-degree FOV, and also comfy halo style, as well as you end up with a premium immersive experience excellent for pc gaming, education or venture. Making use of the Vive base terminals in mix with the Elite faceplate changes the Cosmos right into a beast of a headset, giving you a much larger space to play or work. With sufficient open space, you can set up an 11’x 11 ‘(160 square feet) location perfect for large VR experiences. Overall, the Cosmos Elite and the Elite faceplate are an excellent improvement for HTC’s VR line

. The exterior monitoring provided by the Elite faceplate supplies a robust VR experience and a bigger play area in which to check out. I could see this being a fantastic tool for the labor force or for those trying to find a remarkable pc gaming experience in the house. What I actually enjoy most concerning the Cosmos is its modular design. Claim you intended to bring Virtual Reality to a good friend’s residence or require to stay mobile for job. You can get rid of the Elite faceplate as well as switch it back to the standard Cosmos faceplate, eliminating the demand for outside base stations. Simply do not forget to switch over to your Cosmos controllers as well. If there’s one big grievance about the Cosmos or the Cosmos Elite Bundle, it’s rates.

The basic Cosmos is still$699, while the Cosmos Elite package is offered for pre-order at$899. If you currently own a Cosmos, you can buy the Elite faceplate for$200. When you contrast those prices to the Oculus Rift S as well as the Quest, it’s almost dual the price. Yes, you’re getting better specs with the HTC Cosmos, but is the additional money worth it? It’ll be interesting to see what HTC makes with pricing when they launch their Cosmos Play headset. HTC just recently got in touch with VRScout to inform us that as a result of the coronavirus, the business is pushing back delivery of their Elite faceplate and Elite Bundle to Q2.

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