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Hand Physics Lab Takes Oculus Quest Hand Tracking To New Heights

Hand Physics Lab Takes Oculus Quest Hand Tracking To New Heights

Over 11 mind-blowing experiments and tools currently offered complimentary by means of SideQuest.

In spite of having actually only been available on Oculus Quest for roughly 3 months, independent developers have already established a large magazine of special hand tracking applications pushing the limits of Oculus innovation. This consists of whatever from procedurally-generated first-person shooters to instructional piano learning applications. Last week Virtual Reality designer Holonautic with its hat right into the ring with the release of Hand Physics Lab. Directed by Dennys Kuhnert, the experimental VR hand monitoring experience is made up of over 11 reality-defying experiments and also devices created to showcase the capacity of Oculus Quest hand monitoring innovation. Available complimentary through SideQuest, Quest players have access to the following interactive experiences:

  • Interactive Buttons and also Controllers Devices including Hammer, Knife, and Crowbar Foundation play ground
  • Drawing board with Pen
  • Egg Painting Station with your very own fingers
  • Typing on a mechanical keyboard
  • The famous Useless Machine
  • Weight-lifting
  • Interactive as well as computer animated Puppet
  • Anti-gravity setting
  • Have fun with Telekinesis and Force Fields!

It certainly takes some obtaining used to at first. The absence of any haptic feedback makes it dramatically more difficult to grasp things than with a controller; order too loosely as well as the item drops from your hand, tighten your hold way too much and also you’ll send it flying throughout the map when it clips with your gamer model. Ultimately I did expand made use of to the absence of hapics, whereupon the experience became significantly a lot more satisfying.

Being able to manage all of your fingers individually adds a brand-new layer of information to also the tiniest communications. Directly, my favorite tool is the”slicer”. This laser-like tool dismembers your hands while maintaining you in control of your fingers, allowing you to creep your lost appendages around the online atmosphere like a pair of scary five-legged crawlers.

The application is still in very early accessibility, so anticipate ahead throughout lots of bugs as you jab, squeeze, as well as stab your method through each mini-activity. Progressing, Holonautic intend on updating the app with additional activities and also tools as development proceeds.

Hand Physics Lab is offered complimentary on Oculus Quest by means of SideQuest.

Photo Credit: Holonautic