Home Archiact ‘FREEDIVER: Triton Down Extended Cut’ Is A Terrifying Underwater Thriller For Oculus Quest & PSVR

‘FREEDIVER: Triton Down Extended Cut’ Is A Terrifying Underwater Thriller For Oculus Quest & PSVR

‘FREEDIVER: Triton Down Extended Cut’ Is A Terrifying Underwater Thriller For Oculus Quest & PSVR

Escape a tipping over research study vessel in this underwater VR adventure that’s certain to give you an instance of aquaphobia.Originally released this past May for SteamVR as well as Oculus Rift/Rift S, an extended cut of FREEDIVER: Triton Down is currently heading to the Oculus Quest and also Playstation VR, enabling wanna-be scuba divers the opportunity to step back right into the footwear (flippers?)of first-rate freediver Ren Tanaka and also navigate their escape of a capsizing research study ship before it’s entirely submerged.The game made waves at launch, making a Virtual Reality Game of the Year honor election and praise from critics due in big part to its immersive “gestural swimming,” a mobility technician in which players can swing their arms in a swimming activity in order to relocate in-game. An unique undersea setting likewise used a fresh take on the Virtual Reality journey style, revealing gamers to a game globe in which the setting itself is their biggest adversary.

< iframe class ="youtube-player"kind="text/html"size= “810”height= “456 “src =”https://www.youtube.com/embed/DQnUF-TDFbs?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&start=2&wmode=transparent”allowfullscreen=”true”> FREEDIVER: Triton Down Extended Cut brings that very same water disorder to the Oculus Quest as well as PSVR together with an assisting of new dimly-lit areas to discover, undersea tools to utilize, adversaries to avoid, and challenging puzzles to overcome.Extended Cut supplies

an also much deeper look into the lives of the Triton staff days prior to a rogue means capsizes the vessel, along with a slew of brand-new explorable locations, a lot of which cast in overall darkness. To help us in browsing these claustrophobic areas, designer Archiact has actually introduced a brand-new chest-mounted flashlight we can access at any moment.

” No issue just how successful video game launch might be, the developers will always look back at the fantastic content that was inevitably left on the cutting space floor as well as make all type of unfortunate, wistful sounds, “claimed Ken Thain, elderly manufacturer on the project. “For us, the Extended Cut is a rare chance for us to take another look at a title enjoyed both by us and also our players, improving every little thing that made the original fantastic while exploring all the wild ideas we couldn’t release.”

After playing a few hours in the Oculus Quest, I found myself thoroughly appreciating my time browsing the bottom-side-up decks of the Triton regardless of a fairly strong disgust of the open sea. The addition of pitch-black settings and the flashlight device include a whole new layer of concern to an already-terrifying experience.

Whether you’re gripping the side of a door as you fight versus solid currents, breaking through locks as well as glass partitions with an ax, or rushing to discover an open air pocket prior to you run out of oxygen, Triton Down never provides you a minute to capture your breath.

Whether you’re a fan of the original aiming to dive back right into some fresh content or a newcomer thinking about a special locomotion system and also initial story, FREEDIVER: Triton Down Extended Cut is readily available currently on Oculus Quest and PSVR for $14.99 (European PSVR release set up February 27th).

Image Credit: Archiact