Home News Fantastical Virtual Reality Puzzler ‘Twighlight Path’ Arrives Next Month On PSVR

Fantastical Virtual Reality Puzzler ‘Twighlight Path’ Arrives Next Month On PSVR

Fantastical Virtual Reality Puzzler ‘Twighlight Path’ Arrives Next Month On PSVR

Team up with a vivid cast of super-powered personalities and also discover the enchanting globe of Twilight.

One more day, another exciting PSVR news. Proceeding with its ongoing PlayStation Virtual Reality limelight, Sony today announced the arrival of character-driven Virtual Reality puzzler Twilight Path on PSVR headsets next month.

Originally launched back in 2018 on the Oculus Rift and also SteamVR headsets, this colorful fantasy-adventure gathered general positive reviews from PC VR players many thanks in huge component to its high manufacturing value and non-linear gameplay. This October, PlayStation VR players will have the opportunity to lose themselves in this transcendent realm.

Inspired by classic 80s as well as 90s fantasy-adventure flicks, Twilight Path is a story-driven “first-person interactive fairytale” that will certainly take you through the remains of an old globe stuffed with roaming spirits, effective magic, as well as strange traps.

After becoming trapped in an old realm located someplace between the real-world and the afterlife, you’ll join an actors of magical characters as you navigate your via a collection of special traps in the hopes of returning home.

There’s Barque, a life ferryman with less-than-reliable memory; Singe, a zesty fire spirit with a mysterious past; as well as Nix, your wonderful half-inch spirit guide that works as the voice of reason throughout your pursuit. As previously stated, Twighlight Path rotates largely around expedition and also puzzle-solving.

As you make your means from stunning location to stunning location, you’ll use the PlayStation Move controllers to interact with a variety of challenges straight inspired by designer Charm Games’ previous award-winning launch, FORM. This includes everything from manipulating rock technicians to fixing massive frameworks utilizing a set of enchanting capabilities.

“Our capable yet tiny Vancouver-based team, led by our Creative Director Derek Young, wished to use the modern magic of Virtual Reality to create our very own difficult world, a first-person interactive fairy tale, and also fill it with personalities and tales you can not only enjoy however co-exist with,” claimed Alan Jernigan, Studio Director of Charm Games in an main launch.

Twilight Path shows up on PlayStation Virtual Reality headsets following month. No word yet on an official price.

Image Credit: Sony PlayStation