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Elon Musk Asks For Tesla AR Game As Bizarre Tweets Continue

Elon Musk Asks For Tesla AR Game As Bizarre Tweets Continue

Because Pokémon Go wasn’t unsafe enough already.

The amount of money I ‘d spend for a peek inside the mind of Elon Musk is unpleasant. However can you blame me? The billionaire entrepreneur as well as CEO of SpaceX as well as Tesla is easily among the most interesting– in addition to provocative somebodies of our time.

Over the previous few weeks Musk has actually doubled-down on his uncertain habits. In a series of slightly-unhinged tweets the billionaire philanthropist playboy claimed he was offering all his physical belongings in preparation forever on Mars, stated Tesla stock costs were” too high”, and also contrasted himself to Deus Ex-spouse Machina lead character, JC Denton; which, incidentally, isn’t going so well. He’s likewise been minimizing the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the while providing customized ventilators to healthcare facilities free-of-charge.

Confusing? Yes. Monotonous? Certainly not. Yesterday, Musk’s tweets took a lighter turn when the Tesla CEO connected to the community in search of a potential AR game for his line of self-driving lorries:

“Anyone believe they can obtain a good multiplayer Minecraft working on Teslas? Or perhaps create a video game that engages practically with fact like Pokémon Go while driving securely? Like a complicated version of Pac-man or Mario Kart?”

What’s most intriguing regarding this request is that Musk seems recommending an AR experience that can be played while the vehicle is in movement, more than likely combined with Tesla’s self-driving abilities. Many Twitter users fasted to mention the obvious dangers that come from taking the vehicle drivers attention away from the roadway, even with auto-pilot activated.

Others were more hesitant of the request altogether, thinking it to be a thinly-veiled attempt at redeeming some excellent after his Tesla tweet created stock rates to drop. Whatever the situation, it’ll be interesting to see how the community responds to his demand. Musk’s tweet has actually already attracted the interest of various market specialists, consisting of Nils Wollny, CEO as well as creator of in-car Virtual Reality entertainment company Holoride, as well as Minecraft developer Nathan Adams aka”Dinnerbone”. Photo Credit: PinkJava/ TechAU Due To The Fact That Pokémon Go had not been dangerous adequate currently,