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‘Captain Toonhead’ Promises Balls To The Wall VR FPS Tower Defense

‘Captain Toonhead’ Promises Balls To The Wall VR FPS Tower Defense

Save humanity from a savage oppressor after a burrito-related explosion erases Earth’s last defenses.

Whereas many Virtual Reality games and also apps strive to offer the most sensible experience feasible, upcoming Virtual Reality FPS tower defense video game Captain Toonhead vs the Punks from Outer Space takes a slightly various method, providing players a cartoon-inspired experience breaking at the joints with absurd characters, extravagant weapons, and also colorful cyberpunk settings.

Right here’s the inside story: Nikolas Voorhees, Earth’s last dictator, is installing a massive assault versus mankind utilizing his military of cyberpunk warriors. With Earth’s whole protection pressure incapacitated thanks to a burrito-related calamity, it’s up to you, Elliot Salazar– animation fanatic and space service technician– to save the world from this ludicrous risk. The good news is, you’ll have a large range of blasters and automated weapons at hand.

Captain Toonhead combines timeless FPS action with the tower protection category for an one-of-a-kind crossbreed experience. As mankind’s last survivor, it’s up to you to defend your base and prevent Voorhees’ army from stealing your valuable Enercubes. Much like existing tower protection games, you’ll have the opportunity to position both offending as well as protective automatic weaponry, such as the pizza-firing turret and piñata strike, purposefully around your base.

As soon as the round starts, you can after that use your arsenal of upgradeable guns to battle adversaries on the cutting edge. Opponents can vary from basic cyberpunk soldiers to technologically-enhanced Tyrannosaurus rexes, terra-sharks, bomb-wielding helicopter cats, fierce cyberchickens, and also numerous other one-of-a-kind contenders. Several of the harder adversaries will certainly leave helpful goodies such as jetpacks, healing robots, and treatment bundles. Enercubes saved from enemies can be used to update your weapons and also base.

” Captain Toonhead started with a fantasy, “claimed Enrique Fuentes, CEO of Teravision Games, in a main launch.”How incredible would certainly it feel to experience a tower protection if you were combating waves of enemies from the cutting edge, in first-person– while completely submersed in Virtual Reality?”

“It was extremely vital to us to make something real to who we are as programmers,” included Fuentes, “so we really did not shy away from including some Latin American elements like our super-powerful chancla as well as a piñata-launching tower. Also our hero was created to be a true reflection of us and also our love for geek society. Everyone right here at Teravision Games are ‘toonheads’, and ideally we created something that lots of other toonheads available will certainly delight in.”

C aptain Toonhead vs the Punks from Outer Space is scheduled to show up the very first fifty percent of 2021 on Oculus Rift, SteamVR, as well as PlayStation Virtual Reality headsets. To find out more go to right here.

Photo Credit: Teravision Games