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Arizona Sunshine’s Final Oculus Quest Story Expansion Is Massive

Arizona Sunshine’s Final Oculus Quest Story Expansion Is Massive

The well known zombie shooter is currently readily available on Oculus Quest in its whole.

Arizona Sunshine’s last story expansion “The Damned” is currently offered on Oculus Quest, noting completion of 5 months of set up content releases from designer Vertigo Games. Because time we’ve been presented to brand-new tools, crowd maps, lead characters, and also goals, however absolutely nothing quite as enthusiastic as “The Damned.”

For those of you who may run out the loophole, below’s a fast recap: this previous December Arizona Sunshine introduced on Oculus Quest. That same month Vertigo released its complimentary “ Two-Handed Weapons Update, “supplying players a choice of even more powerful weapons, such as the AK-47, M1 Carbine, as well as M1A1 Thompson just to name a few. This was adhered to by the free “Old Mine Update,”which introduced a new dimly-lit map for horde setting.

In February we received the last free update,” Undead Valley,”a more complicated

crowd map inspired by video games like Call of Duty’s “Nazi Zombies.” Lastly, in March, Vertigo released the “Dead Man “tale development for$ 2.49, presenting players to a brand-new protagonist that’s been sent on a suicide mission to introduce a nuclear rocket in hopes of subduing the expanding zombie risk. Today’s last upgrade,”The Damned,”finishes things with a bang, offering what might conveniently be thought about the largest growth until now. Set before the occasions of both the main Arizona

Sunshine campaign as well as the Dead Man innovator, The Damned has you once again handling the function of an US Special Forces personnel sent on an unsafe mission via a dimly-lit facility chock full of flesh-hungry marauders. Unlike Dead Man, nonetheless, The Damned features a much wider range of atmospheres to explore. The goal starts with you weaving through crowds of the undead as you browse your method with a dark tunnel packed with arbitrary particles. Upon leaving the tunnel, you’ll find yourself looking out at a large hydroelectric damn surrounded by large network of canyons. The Damned takes excellent pleasure in relocating you back-and-forth between claustraphopic below ground facilities as well as big open areas with legendary scenery. While the writing won’t be winning any type of awards at any time quickly, the jaw-dropping collection pieces and also outstanding number of enemiesis greater than enought o keepo you constantly captivated throughout your objective to restart the hydroelectric dam.

Having already played via the totality of Arizona Sunshine along with the DLC as well as horde mode, I believed my days of fearing the undead lagged me. Yet after battling with the massive hordes of marauders littered throughout this colossal hydroelectric dam, I have a new-found regard for my flesh-hungry opponents. As for any future updatese, we’ll just have to see and also wait. No question Vertigo is presently focusing its efforts on its forthcoming co-op survival video game After the Fall, which is set up to arrive on headsets sometime this year. Still, I wish this isn’t the last we

see from the famous zombie shooter. Arizona Sunshine is mainly taken into consideration to be among the very first AAA Virtual Reality experiences ever released, using gamers a fully fleshed-out project unlike anything offered at the time. Personally, it remains one of my preferred Virtual Reality shooters, especially when played cooperatively with a buddy. Arizona Sunshine”The Damned”is readily available currently on Oculus Quest for$4.99. You will certainly require to have the base video game initially in order to play. Picture Credit: Vertigo Games