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Arena-Scale Virtual Reality Is On The Rise Thanks To The Oculus Quest

Arena-Scale Virtual Reality Is On The Rise Thanks To The Oculus Quest

Standalone technology is blazing a trail for a new wave of location-based VR.

We’re not even half method with 2020 and so much this year is shaping up to be a huge one for standalone location-based VR thanks to the Oculus Quest. Experiences such as MissionX, Triton VR, as well as Cyberaction are leading a brand-new category of arena-scale Virtual Reality experiences which require players to literally move throughout their play areas.

It’s anticipated that the location-based VR market can expand by 36% in between 2020 and 2023. That equates right into a $1.48 billion market that includes games, movie theater, and theme parks; with numerous worldwide designers pushing Virtual Reality software program as well as equipment tech right into brand-new instructions, however, the market might broaden yet prediction.

Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset is contributing heavily to the rise of arena-scale location-based Virtual Reality, due mainly to its cost, convenience, as well as wireless 6dof capacities. The ongoing growth of the VR esports industry has been an additional contributing consider the surge of LBVR.

Simply just recently, Oculus, iBuyPower and also a number of various other firms collaborated to host the first-ever Pistol Whip Virtual Reality event that included an excellent $ 10K prize pool. With both location-based VR as well as esports continuing to

grow, many business are seeing it as an opportunity to grow with them. Chicken Waffle, the Texas-based firm behind the funny as well as very foolish Virtual Reality baby simulator, Baby Hands, has actually partnered with CENTERTEC on the launch of a new location-based Virtual Reality esports experience called Blazer League. The competitive immersive experience can best described as Tron meets Ender’s Games, allowing approximately 16 gamers to go head-to-head in a shared virtual area using Oculus Quest and also Focus + headsets.”Tetherless VR like the Quest permits gamers to end up being completely involved within their environments, “claimed Chicken Waffle CEO Finn Staber in an interview with VRScout.”As location-based Virtual Reality develops, we see player expedition and physical movement as a wonderful means to entice clients.” Staber then includes, “We are expanding our initiatives for publishing partnerships with indie programmers to deal with awesome Virtual Reality content. We have actually been collaborating with a number of teams, and we are expecting working with more!”

Last month we saw a preview of I-Illusions Space Pirate Arena, when YouTuber Nathie was welcomed to a huge storehouse to demo the game utilizing a Quest headset. In the video clip, we see Nathie and one more gamer running around a big empty concrete space. In-headset, nonetheless, players saw a futuristic structure peppered with various wall surfaces as well as obstacles in which to take cover behind.

Not also lengthy ago we ourselves went hands-on with a single-player arena-scale Virtual Reality game for the Oculus Quest called MissionX. A brand-new update entitled “Coronavrius Killer” permits the gamer to fight waves of harmful coronavirus baddies utilizing a laser gun. Similar to existing multiplayer LBVR games, Coronavirus Killer has you relocating throughout your real-world setting in order to dodge projectiles. The primary video game mode is a 1v1 deathmatch, with bigger team-based game settings on the way.

Staber, that is really psyched about where location-based VR is going, has already obtained recognition for Blazer League. During AWE 2019, his business showcased its work and also won a sector honor for “Best in Show”. Not only that, Blazer League was called” Best Esports Experience”at CES 2020

. Throughout a look on AltspaceVR’s The Hive with Navah Berg, Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location-Based Entertainment at HP, spoke about why location-based VR was coming to be so prominent:

“For many people, location-based entertainment is their very first experience with VR. This consists of Virtual Reality experiences at Disney as well as Universal Studios, and also they have every one of the bells and also whistles with a fantastic tale, remarkable visuals, as well as great haptics. It’s really interesting and also enjoyable, and it’s social, you remain in these experiences with your friends and family, and also it becomes this remarkable moment that you desire other people to experience.”

Of course with COVID-19 outbreak requiring the closure of significant theme parks and VR galleries worldwide, the energy location-based Virtual Reality had actually been producing has because slowed dramatically.

That doesn’t indicate it’s time to toss in the towel. Several merchants have actually been reporting a scarcity of Oculus Quest headsets, which is actually a good idea over time. It implies that individuals are turning to Virtual Reality to stay entertained and also linked. It shows that need is high and that immersive technology is just ending up being more prevalent in these isolated times.

The creatives over at Chicken Waffle concur, and also continue to be confident that the LBVR industry will bounce back larger than ever. “As points move back to something a lot more normal, people anywhere, children, grownups as well as teenagers will be searching for ways to pass the time. Location-based Virtual Reality will be the excellent solution as our communities end up being energetic again.” claimed Staber.

Image Credit: Cyberaction/ Nathie