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A New Leak May Reveal The First Game For Apple’s Rumored VR/AR Device

The report shows a personalized HTC Vive Focus controller and “crosswalk bowling video game”.

Back in 2018, reports began flowing that Apple remained in growth of a crossbreed VR/AR headset. This previous November a conversation lead by Apple VP Mike Rockwell throughout an inner group discussion recommended a potential 2022 release date for the strange gadget.

Now it looks like though Macrumors has uncovered additional details in a leaked develop of iphone 14 that’s been making the rounds online. Included in the record is a picture extracted from the build displaying what appears to be a tailored HTC Vive Focus controller. This would make sense considering the firm already confirmed it was utilizing HTC modern technology during its tests.(Image Credit: MacRumors) In enhancement to this solitary activity controller, the report also information a”crosswalk bowling video game “. According to Macrumors, the experience is meant to be played while waiting to go across the street. Users toss make use of the controller to toss a virtual bowling round at a collection of online pins located at the various other end of a crosswalk. Allegedly the application can only be accessed by an Apple designer near an Apple office known as “Mathilda 3” at 555 N Mathilda Ave in Sunnyvale, California.

In addition to a combination Virtual Reality as well as AR headset, Apple is supposedly working with a pair of specialized AR glasses that will certainly complete directly against Facebook’s very own AR headset, additionally confirmed to be in advancement.

Attribute Image Credit: MacRumors